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iPhone Application/Game Development

September 5th, 2008 1 comment

最近, 我跟同事門都在研究iPhone game /application development 的開發. 正在尋找不同的有趣創意跟合作伙伴進行開發. 如果你有一些有趣的遊戲意見又想找人合作的話. 可以email 我們.

P.S.看了<學英文由F 開始>, 試著用英文字BLOG. 哈哈

Recently, M-Inverse start to have iPhone Application/ Game Development. We are thinking about some innovative idea and seek for any kind of partnership, investment or outsourcing in those project. If you have some creative idea or something want to make, please let us know.

Introduction of M-Inverse

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